Order a sundae at Bacio, a locally owned ice cream shop in Orlando

Midnight Dream sundae at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
Bacio Ice Cream Shop: Gooey. Decadent. Sweet.

Alexa, play “Ice Cream.”

Bacio Ice Cream Shop has perfected the ice cream experience. Tucked away in a plaza on (8734) Lee Vista Blvd., Bacio (meaning “kiss” in Italian) is probably one of the cutest ice cream shops of all time.

When you enter, you’re immediately greeted by the sweet scent of ice cream and waffle cones, coupled with cheery instrumental music that immediately transports you from Orlando to a little ice cream shop in Italy.

Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
Bacio delivered the quintessential ice cream shop experience.
Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
Bacio’s offers ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and more.

Behind the counter, you’ll find the menu, but also the incredibly sweet husband-and-wife team who own the space. In addition to carefully crafting sundaes, the couple wiped down all surfaces — including the outdoor benches wet from rain — and shared that the “all you need is ice cream” phrase on the wall is the “secret password.”

"All you need is ice cream" decoration at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
All you need is ice cream.

I want to live there.


Though the shop offers everything from single scoops to milkshakes, we were drawn to the signature ice cream sundaes ($8.75). Two scoops of ice cream act as the base to hold all of the exceptional toppings, including a decadent homemade whipped cream. It’s worth noting that these sundaes were not quickly slapped together, they were each prepared with care by one of the owners, and everything tasted incredibly fresh.

Midnight Dream and Barbie Girl sundaes at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
“Barbie Girl” and “Midnight Dream” sundaes

With so many options, it’s difficult to settle on just one…so we opted for two. The Midnight Dream was served with vanilla ice cream, freshly baked brownie chunks (with chocolate chips!), hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings.

Midnight Dream sundae at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
The Midnight Dream sundae is indeed dreamy.

If you prefer blondies to brownies, you may like the Barbie Girl sundae, complete with rich butter pecan ice cream, pecan blondie chunks, caramel, whipped cream, and cinnamon pecans.

Barbie Girl sundae at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
Say “yes” to cinnamon pecans.

Other options include the cookies-and-cream Crosswalk sundae, the caramel-peanut butter Teddy Bear sundae, and the strawberry-forward Pink Sunset sundae. You can even create your own, if you’re feeling fancy.

Midnight Dream sundae at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
I will only be accepting sundaes with golden spoons from now on, thank you.

To top off the entire dish, the sundae is served with a long golden spoon. I will no longer be accepting sundaes with normal spoons, as this truly elevated the experience.


In addition to the incredible sundaes, Bacio serves Belgian waffles, banana splits, cake pops, cream pies, brownies, and more. Decadent milkshakes ($7.75) are offered in flavors such as Rocky Road, Oreo, Berry Berry, Nutella, Peanut Butter and Ovaltine. If you’d prefer a traditional ice cream, you can order it in a cup or a cone (generously decorated with chocolate or sprinkles) in a variety of vibrant flavors. Check out the rotating flavor list.

Ice cream flavors at Bacio's Ice Cream Shop
You’ll want to sample everything in the shop.

Next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing treat, skip the chain and check out this locally owned ice cream shop. And if you can’t choose between two flavors — just order both. It’s worth every bite.

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