3 must-try snacks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom
If you didn’t think to visit Animal Kingdom for snacks, now you will.

Don’t sleep on Animal Kingdom snacks.

While Magic Kingdom and Epcot are usually the setting for theme park food photos, Animal Kingdom offers can’t-miss bites as well. From quintessential Disney DOLE Whip® floats to the greatest theme park fries, make these stops during your travels throughout the park.


While walking past the Drinkwallah stand in Asia, we overheard a woman yelling about ordering nuts.

You, too, should order the nuts.

Cinnamon-Glazed Pecans at Disney's Animal Kingdom
The cinnamon-glazed pecans are toasted to perfection and topped with cinnamon sugar.

These cinnamon-glazed pecans are toasted to perfection and rolled in a sweet cinnamon sugar topping. They’re served in a cute wrapper, which makes them easy to enjoy on-the-go. Drinkwallah also offers cinnamon-glazed almonds, if you prefer those to pecans. $5.59.

Tip: Enjoy them near the water nearby to catch musical performances and character sightings.


Summer at Animal Kingdom is HOT. The DOLE Whip Pineapple Float is cold. Need I say more?

DOLE Whip Pineapple Float at Disney's Animal Kingdom

This incredible invention involves a mix of pineapple juice and rum (your choice of Parrot Bay coconut or dark) topped with coconut soft serve. It’s the perfect refreshment for summer days in Orlando. $11 with rum, $5.99 without.

Find it at the Tamu Tamu Refreshments stand in Africa or at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom (though it’s served without alcohol in Magic Kingdom). And while you’re there, grab a colossal Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll to fuel you until your next snack stop.


Before you judge me for mentioning fries as a must-try snack, hear me out.

This little basket from Mr. Kamal’s (located between Africa and Asia) is served with a blend of spices reminscent of both Cajun and barbecue flavors. Each basket comes with curried honey mustard and Korean chili ketchup. The best part? They’re crispy — but not greasy — so you won’t feel gross under the sun. $5.99.

Mr. Kamal's fries at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Mr. Kamal’s will give you a whole new perspective on theme park fries.

Mr. Kamal’s also offer chicken dumplings, served with Ponzu sauce.


If you’re planning to be at the park for the majority of the day, it’s best to fuel up early. Head to the Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company stand, tucked away just past the Kali River Rapids, for a refreshing selection of coffee and tea. I recommend the iced mocha, which blends Joffrey’s already flavorful coffee with a rich mocha sauce. $5.69.

Joffrey’s iced mocha is sweet, refreshing, and magical.

What are your favorite Animal Kingdom snacks?

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  1. Your passion for all things food, gurl, is inspiring. Who needs park rides? Snacks and people-watching it is!


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