The Gideon’s Bakehouse August cookie is a perfect mix of butter, cinnamon and magic

Just look at those cinnamon studel lines.

There’s only one circumstance that would motivate me to get up early on a Sunday and venture into a public space amid a pandemic and a tropical storm: Gideon’s Bakehouse announcing their monthly special.

Throughout August, the bakery will serve the Coffee Cake Cookie, which is better than any coffee cake you’ve ever had. If butter and cinnamon had a lovechild, this is it.  


This buttery vanilla bean cookie is filled with cinnamon strudel and topped with homemade double-baked butter crumbs.



Beautiful golden butter crumbs add the perfect touch to the Coffee Cake Cookie.

Like all other Gideon’s cookies, it weighs in at about a half-pound — what more could you ask for? And it makes the most satisfying sound when you break it in two, revealing a glorious line of gooey cinnamon strudel. 


While this limited-edition cookie is only available for the month of August, you’ll soon be able to enjoy it all the time at the new Disney Springs location, set to open later this year in The Landing. The Coffee Cake Cookie will be on sale every morning, and there will also be a Hot Cookie Hour each evening. So, you know where to find me. 

Soon, you’ll be able to get this limited-edition offering daily at the new Disney Springs location.

The Disney Springs location will also offer an expanded menu of cookies and cake slices, as well as its own line of iced coffees, which includes something they’re calling the Original Peanut Butter. 

Until then, you can enjoy this cinnamon-crusted beauty at the East End Market, paired with a handcrafted beverage from Lineage Craft Coffee Roasters. I’d recommend the Cafe Mocha, which offers the perfect balance of sweet and rich flavor to complement your cookie.

Please drive safely in your frenzy to get to the market.

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