Stasio’s Italian Deli & Market is what meatball dreams are made of

A quick trip to get 00 semolina flour turned into a magical Italian discovery.

Outside of the occasional drive-thru coffee run, I’ve refused to leave the house given the COVID-19 situation. I should have known that the only “emergency” that would pull me out of quarantine in the midst of a pandemic would relate to the dire need to purchase 00 semolina flour to make homemade pasta. 

Yes, I could’ve purchased the price-gouged flour from a questionable seller on Amazon, but it would’ve kept me from the most charming discovery: Stasio’s Italian Deli & Market.

Fully stocked for all of your Italian feast needs

This quaint deli sits on the corner of N. Bumby Ave. and E. Robinson St. just a few minutes outside of downtown. Upon walking in, you’ll be greeted by smiling staff (Italians are all about making you a part of the family) and a space adorned with red, green, and white flags. Shelves are fully stocked with all of your cooking needs, from Cento tomatoes to olive oil, wine, and, of course, several brands of 00 semolina flour.

Come prepared with an appetite: the deli serves the biggest subs I’ve ever consumed. From chicken to brisket to meatballs, you won’t be disappointed…or hungry. We went with the Meatball Parmigiana and the Chicken Parmigiana. And if you’re there early, they also offer breakfast sandwiches. 

This cheese pull though.

While you’re waiting for your sandwich to be made, you can fill your arms with all of the things you didn’t know you needed — and now can’t live without — like homemade Italian bread, fresh grated parmesan romano cheese, and pasta salad. 

Next to the deli counter, you can also get a fresh cup of espresso to couple with the dessert you will inevitably impulse buy after staring at the options in the glass case. Lobster tails. Cannolis. Rainbow cookies. Yeah. 

The dessert case will immediately lure you in.

After spending $50 and enjoying a post-meatball-sub food coma, I’m already wondering when I’ll run out of flour next. 

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